[rabbitmq-discuss] : Delayed processing of data

Ajinkya Apte aapte at zynga.com
Thu Mar 20 18:11:36 GMT 2014

Hey guys,
I want to delay the processing of some data coming into a queue. The data has delayTime associated with it.

What I want to do?

  1.  Data is coming in with a delayTime associated with it.
  2.  Some data can come with the delayTime=5 mintes from now, some data with delayTime=10 and so on. This delayTime can be anything.
  3.  I want to delay the processing of this data.


  1.  From the documentation seems like using message TTL won't be the way to go, right?
  2.  Will I have to use the 'Dead Letter Exchanges' concept along with multiple retry queues having different timeouts?
  3.  Any other suggestions?

Please let me know.

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