[rabbitmq-discuss] Consumer crash, redelivery and prefetch

Thomas Riccardi riccardi at systran.fr
Tue Mar 18 13:52:22 GMT 2014

On mar., 2014-03-18 at 08:15 +0000, Matthias Radestock wrote: 
> On 17/03/14 18:47, Thomas Riccardi wrote:
> > I think we will go with manual re-queueing (in the same queue) of
> > redelivered messages with a custom "redelivery-count" header manually
> > incremented, instead of currently just rejecting them.
> That's certainly a viable approach. There are two notable differences 
> compared to using reject:
> - rejecting re-queues messages in place whereas re-publishing enqueues 
> at the back

What about re-queueing and TTL? Is the timer still running from the
original queueing time? Or is it reset like a re-publishing?
Is there a difference between per-message TTL and per-queue message TTL
in this case?

> - extra logic is required to prevent message loss, i.e. depending the 
> guarantees required by the application you may want to re-publish in 
> confirm mode and wait for confirmation before acknowledging the original 
> message.

Indeed, but this question should already have been raised and answered
(by confirm mode if needed) when publishing the original message.

Thanks for additional details.

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