[rabbitmq-discuss] Bugs in RabbitMQ WCF Library

Hristo Ivanov hristo.Ivanov at internovusbg.com
Mon Mar 17 12:22:57 GMT 2014

Hello folks,

I have some problems with the WCF binding library which I got advice from IRC to share here:

1)      The Client does not send to the server (fill up the queue and then quit), even in one-way communication manner. Instead, it waits for confirmation;

2)      I cannot start multiple server worker processes on the same queue, which greatly limits the number of instances (to one) of running server processes;

3)      All communication is lost when either the client or the server dies, even in one-way communication.

Microsoft's Message Queue WCF service does not have this limitation. It could be used only for one-way communication only, though, and therefore does not fit all the use cases we have.

I think the problems  above are related to not having durable queues - the WCF binding always creates temporary queues. I have been given the advice of communicating directly with the queue on IRC. I guess the only available option to us is to create another binding, which could support:

*         One-way communication (fire-and-forget), using durable queues;

*         Multiple worker processes (self-hosted WCF), using the same durable queues;

*         Possible duplex and/or direct communication without the need for both parties to be online at the same time.

Do you have any insight on how this would be possible with the current driver? I guess, if it requires minor changes, it shouldn't be very hard to achieve, provided that the broker can create multitude of reply queues and a single request queue.

Hristo Ivanov
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