[rabbitmq-discuss] trying to porting to openwrt

Bino Oetomo wowon01 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 10 11:46:53 GMT 2014

Dear All ...

I'm trying to run rabbitmq on RouterBoard with OpenWrt.

My step is :
1. Try to build rabbitmq , wit5h some flag adjustmen per 
2.  download a copy of RabbitMQ for generic linux from 
, extract it to another directory .. and replace it content with results 
from step #1
3. scp -r the directory to my openwrt router. ---> /root/rbmq01.

4. at the openwrt router , try to run :
cd /root/rbmq01

Got some error :
Slogan: Kernel pid terminated (application_controller) 
when reading /root/.erlang.c

I post generated crash dump at http://pastebin.com/KNTXE8wS

Kindly please give me any enlightenment on how to fix this.

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