[rabbitmq-discuss] No need to log {amqp_error, not_found} during federation exchange.delete

Joey Jiao joey.jiaojg at gmail.com
Mon Mar 10 08:03:32 GMT 2014


=ERROR REPORT==== 7-Mar-2014::12:49:24 ===
connection , channel 2 - soft error:
"no exchange 'federation: amq.fanout ->
rabbit at baitweb-bd0001-lnx.qualcomm.com A' in vhost '/'",

I saw many ERROR of above one, I think
rabbit_federation_exchange_link:delete_upstream_exchange is the
contributor. I don't think it's necessary to log the federation exchange
delete error. Instead, we might can add a exchange_exist check before call

-Joey Jiao
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