[rabbitmq-discuss] Stale/Stuck queue on cluster

Heiko Krämer hkraemer at anynines.com
Thu Mar 6 10:21:55 GMT 2014

Hi guys,

I've a strange problem in case HA queues.

* RabbitMQ 3.2.3-1 (Ubuntu 12.04)
* 4 node cluster  (2x RAM, 2x Disc)
* HA-Queues, durable false
* Management plugins activated

Problem description:
I've more then 200 queues in my vhost and all works fine expect for one.
I don't see this queue via
     rabbitmqctl list_queues

but i see on the webinterface (management plugin) this queue is stored
on one Ram node. I can't sync this queue, I can't get informations about
this queue i see only on the panel '? ? ?'.
If i try to delete this queue via CLI => stuck
If i try to sync this queue via CLI => stuck
if i try to get messages via CLI => stuck

In addition on this node where the queue is present (what the web
interface shows) can't be stopped (service rabbitmq-server stop)

What i tried:
* via CLI the commands above
* kill erlang processes on this node, kill rabbitmq-server delete,
delete this node from cluster, delete mnesia home dir, start clean, add
to cluster again and resync without success

I don't see anything in the logfiles:
* No errors in sasl log
* No errors in shutdown logs

The only one what i see is:

=ERROR REPORT==== 5-Mar-2014::16:07:29 ===
webmachine error: path="/api/queues/%2F/lbaas_process_on_host_agent"

=ERROR REPORT==== 6-Mar-2014::10:17:27 ===
Discarding message
{'$gen_call',{<0.786.0>,#Ref<>},force_event_refresh} from
<0.786.0> to <0.309.0> in an old incarnation (1) of this node (2)

but that's impossible, the user has admin privileges and all permissions:

xxxx    .*    .*    .*

on the right vhost.

Do anyone have a hint ? I need to delete this queue without to build a
complete new cluster. Is that possible ?

Cheers and thanks


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