[rabbitmq-discuss] TUTORIAL FEEDBACK: Queue binding could use a little more clarification?

ed.tramell at gmail.com ed.tramell at gmail.com
Wed Jun 25 17:28:42 BST 2014


First, my point of view:  I am a complete message queuing noob.  Others in 
my organization have worked with RabbitMQ before, but they have moved on 
and I have inherited their work.

I found the tutorials (e.g. 
http://www.rabbitmq.com/tutorials/tutorial-four-java.html) to be a 
tremendous help.  However, as a noob, I found myself very confused about 
queue binding.  The examples (like orange/black/green) made sense 
logically, but I wasted (er, invested) a lot of time trying to understand 
how one would bind an exchange to a queue with a routing key *from the 
producer side*.  Eventually, the light bulb came on for me and now it is 
obvious to me that the binding happens on the consumer side, not the 
producer side (duh!).  But at the time, the diagrams seemed to show the 
bindings on the producer side, so that's where I kept thinking they'd get 
created.  And of course, that made no sense.

I'm not sure exactly how you could prevent this mental block for others in 
the future.  One possibility is to add a subtle clue to your images:  just 
a simple vertical dotted line just to the right of the dark blue exchange 
oval (see attached example).  It's hard to know now that I understand it, 
but that subtle separation might have been enough to make it more 
immediately obvious for me.  Or maybe just a sentence somewhere like, 
"Binding happens on the consumer side, not the producer side" somewhere 
prominent (maybe you already say that somewhere, but if so, I missed it).

Maybe I'm the only one that was tripped up by this, but maybe not.  Just 
some feedback for you.

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