[rabbitmq-discuss] ANN RabbitMQ mailing list is moving to Google Groups

Michael Klishin mklishin at gopivotal.com
Wed Jun 25 15:25:38 BST 2014

On behalf of the RabbitMQ team, I'd like to ask all rabbitmq-discuss
members to join our new mailing list: rabbitmq-users


Why the move? It's been increasingly obvious that many of our users
expect the rabbitmq-discuss Google group to be the primary list and
not a mirror. It's easier to Google, easier to use for some, and
will relieve our tiny team from having to host and maintain mailing list

Now, you may wonder why we did not just announce the rabbitmq-discuss
Google group to be the new official list. That would be the most natural
thing to do but unfortunately, none of the RabbitMQ team members are owners
of that list. It was created by someone many years ago and Google won't let
us own it. So we had to create the new group.

For the next few months, any questions that are posted to the existing list
will be answered as usual. However, we will ask people to post all the new questions
to the new list. If you find this list useful and care about RabbitMQ, please
join https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/rabbitmq-users as soon as you
have a moment, and post your future questions/issue reports/announcements

Thank you.

Staff Software Engineer, Pivotal/RabbitMQ

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