[rabbitmq-discuss] Debugging problems with federation plug in.

Dan Galewsky dgalewsky at gmail.com
Tue Jun 24 22:44:07 BST 2014

We have a federation with 4 nodes. 

We are continually fighting problems with messages making it to some nodes 
in the exchange and not to others.

Current situation is that I can drop a message into the federated exchange 
and all three downstream nodes see my message.

Messages can be sent to me from two of the nodes but not the third.

They put a message into the federated exchange and the other two nodes see 
the message and my node does not.

Something I have noticed is that on the Queues tab - in the Parameters 
column of the Rabbit webapp - I see "D ARGS" for the nodes that can talk to 
me and only "D" on the node that is unable to talk to me.

And if I hover over the ARGS string in the UI - I get a hover label that 
says "x-internal-purpose: federation" which makes me think that somehow the 
other node and I are not federated (even though I can send them messages 
through the federated exchange).

So - I am stumped. 

We are running "RabbitMQ 3.3.3, Erlang R14B04" on Solaris. The other nodes 
are running various other operating systems and other versions of Rabbit 

Any debugging tips - most appreciated.

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