[rabbitmq-discuss] TTL on Consumers in PHP

Sean Joyce sean.joyce at patientco.com
Tue Jun 24 21:41:59 BST 2014

I've got a pretty basic consumer running on an exchange that routes various
different messages to client-specific queues. To better manage resources,
I'd like for the consumers to expire after not receiving a message for a
period of time (low-usage clients).

I've been trying to figure out where to call basic_cancel in this code, but
not finding the right solution. Any tips on how to refactor and get what I

  public function consume() {
    $callback = function($msg) {
      $pMsg = new ProcessorMessage();


    $this->channel->basic_qos(null, 1, null);
    $this->channel->basic_consume($queue_name, '', false, false, false,
false, $callback);

    while(count($this->channel->callbacks)) {


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