[rabbitmq-discuss] Copy Messages across Virtual Hosts

W. Andrew Loe III andrew at andrewloe.com
Tue Jun 24 00:41:46 BST 2014

I have 3 applications that communicate with the same RabbitMQ broker but 
are walled off from each other by virtual hosts. I have a special use case 
where I need to infrequently publish a message from one application to the 
other two. This worked in a previous design when all the application shared 
the same virtual host, I could have 3 queues and each app could message the 
2 queues not associated with it. Ideally I'd like to have a shovel on a 
queue on each application virtual host and it would publish once to each 
other application, however I cannot seem to achieve this with the existing 
shovel options. Maybe I need to use a fanout/topic exchange with two 
shovels per virtual host, but this seems very complicated.
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