[rabbitmq-discuss] can't restart rabbit cluster after power outage

Ben Hsu ben.hsu at criticalmedia.com
Fri Jun 20 16:55:05 BST 2014

Hello, our rabbitmq cluster suffered a power outage, and we’re having trouble bringing it back up.

our cluster has 2 disk backed nodes (node1 and node2) and 1 ram backed node (node3). I first tried to restart the disk backed nodes, and they both gave me an error, saying “timeout_waiting_for_tables” on the other two nodes. Googled around, and it sounded like the ram node was the last one to go out. 

So I tried restarting the ram backed node, and it started fine. But when I tried to start the disk backed node, it gave me a different error, basically saying “inconsistent_cluster, thinks its clustered with node3, but node3 disagrees”.

What I would love to do is take one of the disk nodes, start it as the master, and tell the other nodes to join its cluster. Is that possible? Right now I cannot even run “rabbitmqctl cluster_status” because the node won’t start

meta question: is having a mix of disk and RAM based nodes in the same cluster a Bad Idea that needs to be fixed?

Ben Hsu
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