[rabbitmq-discuss] Connection and channel age

James Gardner james.gardner at noaa.gov
Thu Jun 19 21:37:07 BST 2014


Is there any way to find the age/time of a connection or channel using 
the web management interface?
It would be useful information for us; how long a client has stayed 
connected, or when they did. And if there are multiple connections from 
the same app piling up for some reason, it would be useful to see how 
those connections were made over time, as well as be able to kick the 
oldest connections instead of the more recent ones.
If there isn't a way, please consider this a feature request :) In the 
web interface, I would even settle for that info being displayed in a 
mouse hover-over somewhere, as well as through the command line tools.

James Gardner (NIDS - NOAA)

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