[rabbitmq-discuss] binding

Wed Jun 18 15:59:52 BST 2014

We have a requirement to have a binding on two header fields as below .. Not sure if we can do it in one binding instead of breaking into multiple bindings

srcGwyGuId=GGUID1 AND srcOId=OID1 or OID2 or OID3 .....

I guess We should be able to get it done with multiple bindings as below ...

Binding1: srcGwyGuId=GGUID1 AND srcOId=OID1
Binding2: srcGwyGuId=GGUID1 AND srcOId=OID2
Binding2: srcGwyGuId=GGUID1 AND srcOId=OID3

Please suggest if there is a better way .. If NOT we will end up creating thousands of bindings  and NOT sure how many does rabbit MQ support??

Appreciate all the help..
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