[rabbitmq-discuss] mazy behavior of rabbitmq-c in same ip case

Ceri Storey ceri at lshift.net
Tue Jun 17 10:50:34 BST 2014

Hi Rohit,

(17/06/14 09:59), Rohit Patle wrote:
> Hi Alan,
> While working with rabbitmq-c library version 0.4.1 and AMQP version
> 0-9-1, We came across scenario where, If there are two listeners in
> two different networks but having the same static ip (ex.
>, the listener receives the "AMQP_STATUS_SSL_ERROR" i.e
> -0x0200 at both the listeners periodically. Could you please spread
> some light to understand the behaviour of it?

Does the RabbitMQ see both networks as having overlapping sets of IP
addresses? If so, then that's not going to work--the RabbitMQ server
will send all replies to one machine, and so anything related to the
connection on the other machine will get forcibly closed or ignored.
That's an IP/TCP level issue, rather than anything to do with Rabbit

That said, if both networks are behind correctly configured NAT
gateways, that should be okay. If you do have people who manage the
network for you, it might be worth a chat with them about this.

> Thanks & Regards,
> Rohit
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