[rabbitmq-discuss] Exchange consumer declaration

Larry Lewis RabbitMQ at jenolan.org
Fri Jun 13 00:30:59 BST 2014

So far in my newest coding quest RabbitMQ is now running on our server with SSL and using the LVC plugin the first of my status indication widgets seems to be working ... yummo ... thanks guys.

Looking at the code for the Producer/Consumer processes found something that I don't really like ... it aint hair tearing by any means just not 'nice'.

When a LVC consumer is defined it needs to do a 'exchange_declare' but it needs to declare the exchange paramaters which is sub-optimal. A consumer should be able to use just the exchange name to derive the linkage. It should never be creating it (if it aint there that's an error). Why I am concerned is that as I create consumers of exchanges I do not want to be bothered with the settings of the exchange so that the code that creates the exchange is the only one that needs to worry about the attributes.

Is there a way to acquire/specify the exchange 'read-only', without using the definition options that are in the 'exchange_declare()' method?

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