[rabbitmq-discuss] Use of QueueDeclarePassive generates errors in log

Andrius Norkaitis andnrk at gmail.com
Wed Jun 4 01:47:06 BST 2014


QueueDeclarePassive(QueueName) generated error in log file. E.g.

if queue not exist, it writes:

*=ERROR REPORT==== 4-Jun-2014::03:33:00 ===*
*connection <0.26865.9>, channel 3 - soft error:*
*            "no queue 'xxxx' in vhost '/'",*
*            'queue.declare'}*

If it exist, it writes:

*=ERROR REPORT==== 4-Jun-2014::03:33:05 ===*
*connection <0.26865.9>, channel 3 - soft error:*
*            "cannot obtain exclusive access to locked queue 'xxxx' in
vhost '/'",*
*            'queue.declare'}*

*How to disable error logging when using this function? Maybe there is new
way to check **queue exist?*

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