[rabbitmq-discuss] RMQ stuck in startup

EDDY James James.EDDY at us.thalesgroup.com
Tue Jun 3 17:53:12 BST 2014

Hi All,

I use RMQ 3.1.5 w/ erlang R16B02 on PPC linux. I've recently seen an issue on startup, I have only seen this a few times and does not seem to be easily reproduced.

What I see is this:
Precondition: node1 and node2 both are started with mnesia completely removed, so there is no existing state of the mnesia DB (I do this by stopping both nodes and doing rm -rf on the database)

(1) start node1, node1 is started and ready
(2) start node2, node2 is started and ready
(3) Both nodes will have clients auto connecting, creating exchanges and publishing.
(4) on node2, run:
      rabbitmqctl stop_app
      rabbitmqctl join_cluster rabbit at node1
      rabbitmqctl start_app
   After running start_app, the rabbitmqctl script hangs on "Starting node rabbit at node2 ..." it does not ever show "done"
(5) any call to "rabbitmqctl status" returns:

Status of node rabbit at node2 ...
Error: {{case_clause,starting},

node2 will stay in this state indefinitely. Has anyone seen anything like this before? Any ideas what might cause this, or where to further investigate (like epmd? mnesia init issue? etc)?


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