[rabbitmq-discuss] Can you tell me how cluster works in RabbitMQ ?

Michael Klishin mklishin at gopivotal.com
Mon Jun 2 12:48:26 BST 2014

On 2 June 2014 at 15:25:29, o.sevryukov at videal.net (o.sevryukov at videal.net) wrote:
> > I have 1 master and 2 slaves in cluster, but only the master is 
> processing queues and highly loaded and slaves stay idle all 
> the time.

Queues in a cluster have master and, optionally, 1 or more mirrors. The node
on which the queue was declared is its master. Queue operations are routed to master
by other nodes.

To spread the load between cluster
nodes, distributed client connections between them so that clients connect
to masters of the queues they work with. This reduces intra-cluster communication
and, in turn, throughput .

Software Engineer, Pivotal/RabbitMQ

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