[rabbitmq-discuss] Node.js -> RabbitMQ -> Couchbase issue

Jason Broughton jason at guard.ly
Tue Jul 15 16:07:23 BST 2014

Good Day Everyone.
Im a few months new to Node.js and Rabbit and im having a strange issue.

RabbitMQ 3.3.1
Node.js v0.10.26
Express 4.2.0
Couchbase 2.5.1
AMQP (module from NPM) 0.2.0

The architecture

I have a main app that has a producer which sends a json object to RabbitMQ 
to a queue.

I have a secondary app that is the consumer. It receives the json object, 
parses it and formats the data to be saved in couchbase.

When I try to connect to couchbase or interact with couchbase at all from 
the consumer method, i get the following error amqp connection error:
error:  code=ECONNRESET, errno=ECONNRESET, syscall=read 

I then added LongJohn from NPM which gives longer stack trace.

and the error i get is :
var trustProxy = this.app.get('trust proxy');
TypeError: Cannot call method 'get' of undefined

I have note enabled a 'trust proxy' and I think this is unrelated to my 

Im not sure how else to debug this issue and I am hoping someone out there 
has seen this before or can guide me where to look next.


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