[rabbitmq-discuss] rabbitmq connection stay in flow or blocked state for a long time

qiujixiong qiujixiong at 163.com
Mon Jul 14 03:05:39 BST 2014


I found that when flow control per connection triggered, some connection would stay in flow or blocked state for a long time,.
The client(RabbitMQ C client) would be blocked for several minutes or even more during publishing message. While at that time the queue was almost empty and the whole rabbimq server flow control was not triggered.
My rabbitmq version is 3.1.5.
The rabbitmq document says the flow control should be in a very short time and may happend several times during one second. Why it keep flow or blocked for such a long time?
Did anyone encount this problem too? 
What can I do? Is it possible that I use a non-blocked client or bypass the flow control?

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