[rabbitmq-discuss] Changing file descriptor limit wihtout restart?

Jakov Sosic jsosic at gmail.com
Sat Jul 5 19:53:54 BST 2014

Hi guys

I want to increase file descriptor limit (ulimit -n) on my running 
RabbitMQ cluster.

I know I can do it by setting up limits.conf and restarting RabbitMQ 
nodes but I would prefer to do it without node downtime if possible.

What I tried was:

# echo -n "Max open files=4096:4096" > /proc/$(cat 

but rabbitmqctl still shows lower value:

# rabbitmqctl status | grep -A 2 file_descriptors

Where is this total limit of 924 coming from at first place?!

Process itself seems to accepted the increase :

# grep -i open /proc/$(cat /var/run/rabbitmq/pid)/limits
Max open files          4096               4096               files

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