[rabbitmq-discuss] RES: [Rabbit + SSL connection] AMQP ☺closed ?? Is it normal?

Rodrigo Pimenta Carvalho pimenta at inatel.br
Tue Jul 1 21:21:52 BST 2014

Thank you!
So, now my unique problem is what happen when I use a RabbitMQ client. It is:

4.	=ERROR REPORT==== 27-Jun-2014::13:44:56 ===
5.	SSL: certify: ssl_handshake.erl:1358:Fatal error: handshake failure
7.	=ERROR REPORT==== 27-Jun-2014::13:45:01 ===
8.	error on AMQP connection <0.301.0>:
9.	{ssl_upgrade_error,{tls_alert,"handshake failure"}} 

Do you think I should try to do the same test again, but with the client or broker in another machine?
If I change to an Ubuntu environment (generating keys, certificates and CA certificate there again) and get the same issue, what could I conclude?

Any hint will be very hepful.


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Assunto: Re: [rabbitmq-discuss] [Rabbit + SSL connection] AMQP ☺closed ?? Is it normal?

 On 1 July 2014 at 23:02:59, Rodrigo Pimenta Carvalho (pimenta at inatel.br) wrote:
> > However I´m not sure about verifying SSL connection establishment,
> against the broke.
> According to the SSL Troubleshooting page, it says that "If you
> present the broker with eight random bytes, the broker will respond
> with the string "AMQP" followed by an encoded version number".
> But, after presenting the broker with eight random bytes, I just
> got the following message:
> AMQP ☺closed
> Is it normal? Where is the "encoded version number". Should it
> be really closed ??

It is normal because you are entering arbitrary data into telnet instead
of sending a valid protocol handshake.

Try with a RabbitMQ client next.

Staff Software Engineer, Pivotal/RabbitMQ

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