[rabbitmq-discuss] durability = true & auto delete = true

PATAR, SAGAR sp345s at att.com
Tue Jul 1 14:47:01 BST 2014

Hi ..
We are trying to understand the behavior of the below setting to a Queue in a clustered environment with multiple nodes

1)durability = true & auto delete = true ??
                What will happen to the messages in the queue when a connection is lost??
                Will the Queues be mirrored across the cluster .. what parameter needs to be set to make them mirrored ??

Also wanted to check if rabbit MQ generates a message ID which is unique and sequential ?? and can be used in java code to identify the point of failure?

Also we are sending the messages with TTL set .. but our requirement is every client has a separate TTL for the messages ... We want to check is there any option we can set when client creates the queues with    durability = true & auto delete = true

Appreciate all the help.

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