[rabbitmq-discuss] Robust zone-aware topology?

Mordy Ovits mordyovits at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 28 19:12:37 GMT 2014

> Give new_york_queue:

> a message-ttl policy and a dead-letter exchange -> miami_outbound_queue
> a queue length and an alternate exchange -> miami_outbound_queue
> Use federation or shovel to move the contents of miami_outbound_queue
> over to miami.
> So if new york runs slow or starts to back up, messages end up
> being routed to elsewhere.

Oooh, this sounds promising.  I can't think of a scenario where it would do the Wrong Thing, like send a message to another zone in a non-dire situation.  Also, not relying on a-e to move messages to the other zone means the zone's exchanges don't have to all be in the same cluster/node.

I will definitely try this.


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