[rabbitmq-discuss] Federation queues: original routing key of message

Luca Marturana lucamarturana at gmail.com
Fri Feb 28 09:31:53 GMT 2014

Great! Thank you so much :)


> Il giorno 28/feb/2014, alle ore 10:23, Simon MacMullen <simon at rabbitmq.com> ha scritto:
>> On 28/02/2014 08:53, Luca Marturana wrote:
>> I'm using RabbitMQ with queue federation. I noticed that on downstream
>> queue, the message arrives with routing_key=<queue_name> and
>> exchange="". I think it's normal, because queue federation must be sure
>> to publish messages exactly on federated queue. But for some application
>> my be useful to have the original routing key and exchange of the message.
> Good point.
>> There is an header "x-received-from" whichs contains some infos, like
>> original queue name and broker. Can be useful to add these infos also?
>> Where can I issue a feature request?
> Consider it requested :-)
> Cheers, Simon

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