[rabbitmq-discuss] Trying to reduce overhead with multiple connections being created

cw storm cwstorm at gmail.com
Thu Feb 27 15:32:38 GMT 2014

In our setup, we have two java client services, producer and consumer.
 Lets just say we will have 10 unique queues.  In the producer, I'm
creating a connection/channel, performing the basicPublish and closing the

In the consumer, I'm creating connection/channel and basicConsume on the
channel.  Besides the already 10 connections/channels (queues) already
being created by chef, there will be 10 more new connections/channels
because we will have 10 consumer subscriptions for each of the queue per
app server.  Say we have two app server, then our total
connections/channels now equals 30 connections/channels.

The producer service will be executed everytime it's being called within
our client program.  Basically, create connection/channel and closes it
after successful publish to rabbit broker.

I'm trying to understand if I can reduce the overhead a bit by re-using an
already existing connection instead of equating each connection with a
channel.  Just not understanding how that can be done.  Right now, things
work but of course, I'm a believer in making it better and reducing
overhead and gaining performance if it helps reducing too many open

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