[rabbitmq-discuss] persistent messages are not delivered !!

rafik moalla moalla.rafik at gmail.com
Wed Feb 19 16:12:58 GMT 2014

I have installed a rabbitmq server and i connect to it from different 
machine (from other networks). 
All is good when client A (.Net) sent a message to client B (.Net) .
But, when i disconnect the client A (connection.close() and channel.close() 
) then client B sent a message  to client A, the message is stored in queue.
When client A reconnect, the message is not delivered and all others 
incoming messages are not delivered but stocked in queue.

Ps: Client A is connected from another network and client B from the same 
server's network.
      The problem doesn't appear with client connected from the same 
server's network.
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