[rabbitmq-discuss] 3.2.2 triple mem

der.hans Verteiler+rabbitmq-discuss at LuftHans.com
Wed Feb 19 09:25:31 GMT 2014

moin moin,

for one of our applications we have 3 clusters, each with 2 brokers.

One cluster was upgraded to 3.2.2, the other two are still running 3.1.5.

The brokers in the 3.2.2 cluster are using more memory than they were when
running 3.1.5. The 3.2.2 cluster is using 9 GB of memory, but the 3.1.5
clusters are only using about 3 GB.

Memory used by the queues on each of the 6 brokers is about 2GB.

Is there a known reason for 3.2.2 to use 3x the memory used by 3.1.5 for
the same load?


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