[rabbitmq-discuss] Web Stomp / Sock.JS

James Andrew-Smith james.andrewsmith at gmail.com
Tue Feb 18 06:56:47 GMT 2014

Hi Everyone, 

I am in the process of setting up Sock.JS/Web Stomp which has been quite 
painless for something so awesome, normally the pain to awesome ratio is 

I have the following flow I am trying work out:

1. The user loads the page
2. Rabbit MQ is connected and authenticated via Web Stomp / Sock.JS
3. Subscriptions are created
4. User follows a link initiating a page reload
5. The browser starts reloading the page / webstomp is disconnected
5. A message is received on one of the queues the user subscribed to
6. The server finishes loading the page
7. Connection / Subscription occurs

How do I best get the messages sent at step 5 while the page was reloading? 
Is there a setting for my queue/topic? Is there setting with SockJS? Or do 
I need to write my own AJAX to pull any outstanding messages when the page 

I assume I have to write my own AJAX, I just wanted to see if anyone had 
alternative recommendations.

Many thanks. 

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