[rabbitmq-discuss] How to handle extremely large queues

Michael Klishin michael.s.klishin at gmail.com
Mon Feb 17 08:23:40 GMT 2014

2014-02-17 4:41 GMT+04:00 Greg Poirier <greg.poirier at opower.com>:

> But if there is roughly 2 gigs of memory "in use" according to RabbitMQ's
> management plugin, with some 6 gigs free... and equally as much memory on
> the system in general... are you suggesting that that 2 gigs of messages is
> also consuming 6 gigs of overhead? Or that I need more than 6 gigs of free
> space in RabbitMQ at all times?


I don't think Álvaro meant any of that. I didn't mean to say that you need
to worry
about running out of RAM, although this is by far the most common problem.

Just pointed out at two solutions that solve the most common issues with
extremely large queues.
If you don't run out of RAM and your consumers can keep up even with 1
queue, what issues do you have?

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