[rabbitmq-discuss] How to handle extremely large queues

Greg Poirier greg.poirier at opower.com
Sun Feb 16 19:28:27 GMT 2014

They are many small messages. Each node in the cluster has 8 gigs but is
only using maybe 2. Is memory really the problem?

On Sunday, February 16, 2014, Michael Klishin <michael.s.klishin at gmail.com>

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> >:
>> In our current configuration, we have a 3-node cluster with 2 disc and 1
>> ram node with HA mirroring to all nodes in the cluster. In periods of high
>> utilization of the cluster, we are noticing frequent partitioning. We have
>> narrowed it down to this particular use case as none of our other clusters
>> (running on the same physical hardware with the same cluster configuration)
>> experience this kind of partitioning.
>> Is there some better way that we can configure RabbitMQ to handle this
>> kind of load pattern? I understand this is perhaps not the best way to use
>> RabbitMQ, but it is unavoidable for the time being. Any suggestions would
>> be appreciated.
> Short answer is: give it more RAM.
> Relevant blog posts:
> http://blog.travis-ci.com/2013-08-08-solving-the-puzzle-of-scalable-log-processing/
> http://www.rabbitmq.com/blog/2014/01/23/preventing-unbounded-buffers-with-rabbitmq/
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