[rabbitmq-discuss] PHP Documentation Report

Yousif Masoud yousifmasoud at ymasoud.com
Thu Feb 13 18:51:09 GMT 2014

Hello everyone,
I have been reading the PHP documentation and noticed that there is a
paragraph in the "Hello World" tutorial that refers to the Java client.

In https://www.rabbitmq.com/tutorials/tutorial-one-php.html I believe
the paragraph:

"We're about to tell the server to deliver us the messages from the
queue. Since it will push us messages asynchronously, we provide a
callback in the form of an object that will buffer the messages until
we're ready to use them. That is what QueueingConsumer does."

does not apply to PHP and may cause confusion.  The callback in the PHP
code snippet below is not an object and QueueingConsumer is part of the
Java client.

Many thanks for the great project!


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