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Arun Rao arunrao.seattle at gmail.com
Thu Feb 13 06:25:30 GMT 2014

Hey guys -

I am building a high message throughput infrastructure using RabbitMQ. My
goal is no queueing :). (Beyond the common understanding that I should have
more consumers than producers etc., Please advise if there are any other

I am looking for theoretical+practical suggestions please.

1. If I had 10 servers, will I achieve more throughput having 5 clusters (2
nodes each) compared to 2 clusters (5 nodes each)? I get into the grey area
when i think if I had 5 servers in a cluster and all servers are taking
traffic, then there could be more load syncing traffic across clusters?

(I understand that one of the main issues with having 5 clusters (with 2
nodes each) is that the publishers and consumers should have enough
connections to use all the clusters.)

2. Will I benefit if I had publishers publishing to 3 servers out of 4
servers (in a cluster) and consumers consuming from all 4 servers. This way
the 4th server not in publisher's radar will be more effective in draining
clusters queues?

3. Higher QoS Prefetch count and multiple acknowledgements.

Thank you so much!
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