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Ganann, Kale KGanann at kroll.com
Wed Feb 12 21:18:27 GMT 2014

Hi All,

We're having a weird issue with our fed vHost in Rabbit 3.2.0.  We've got three fed queues, topic, fromfed and tofed.  You can publish to tofed and topic, and you can subscribe to topic and fromfed - so, either a direct pattern or a triangle, depending on the route you use.  However, we're having an issue where after a couple months of being up, tofed stops publishing.  You can set up a temp queue with the same routing key, and it will work as long as you keep the temp queue up, but as soon as you remove the temp queue, tofed dies with it.

>From our dev team:
The federation appears to be set up correctly with the needed bindings, as do the queues.  In order to get messages to go through, we had to make a debug/temp queue on the gemini.test vhost and bind that queue identically to the one bound to the Gemini vhost (they both get bound to e.fed.topic, rk.i.gemini.indexdocs).  The temp queue gets two copies of the message because it is on the same vhost, and the index queue gets the message and continues processing.  If we take the binding back off of the temp queue the index queue stops receiving messages.

Any ideas what might be causing this?  Any logs or test I can run to narrow the scope of the field?


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