[rabbitmq-discuss] [rabbitmq-c-master] memory leakinkg while reconnect.

Rohit Patle Rohit.Patle at techmahindra.com
Wed Feb 12 06:02:27 GMT 2014

Hi Alan,

Thank you for your reply. Sure I will take care of addressing my mail to rabbitmq-discuss only.

Here is our observation.
1. Network cable is pulled off from my system.
2. The listener program is in a while loop trying to reconnect to RMQ broker.
3. Following are the set of APIs called in this while loop.

   conn = amqp_new_connection();

  socket = amqp_ssl_socket_new(conn);
  if (!socket) {
    printf("creating SSL/TLS socket");
    exit (0);

  if (argc > 5) {
    status = amqp_ssl_socket_set_cacert(socket, argv[5]);
    if (status) {
      printf("setting CA certificate");
      exit (0);

  if (argc > 7) {
    status = amqp_ssl_socket_set_key(socket, argv[7], argv[6]);
    if (status) {
      printf("setting client cert");
      exit (0);
  amqp_ssl_socket_set_verify(socket, 0);
  status = amqp_socket_open(socket, hostname, port);
  if (status) {
    printf("opening SSL/TLS connection");

4. As network cable is removed from my system before running this test program, I getting "opening SSL/TLS connection" which is a valid error (status value -9). However amqp_destroy_connection() API is not releasing the resources allocated during amqp_new_connection() API call. Could you please confirm the behaviour of amqp_destroy_connection() API when there is no network cable attached to the system? There is memory leak happening due to this API.

How to destroy the amqp_connection_state_t object created during amqp_new_connection()?

Please suggest.

Thanks & Regards,


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