[rabbitmq-discuss] Using Message Broker for database replications (currently RabbitMQ )

rails stammailbox at gmail.com
Mon Feb 10 13:19:05 GMT 2014

When my system's data changes I publish every single change to at least 4
different consumers (around 3000 messages a second) so I want to use a
message broker.
Most of the consumers are responsible to update their database tables with
the change.

(The DBs are different - couch, mysql, etc therefor solutions such as using
their own replication mechanism or using db triggers is not possible)


   Does anyone have an experience with data replication between DBs using a
   message broker?
   is it a good practice?

   What do I do in case of failures?
   Let's say, using RabbitMQ, the client removed 10,000 messages from the
   queue, acked, and threw an exception each time before handling them. Now
   they are lost. Is there a way to go back in the queue?

   (re-queueing them will mess their order ).

   Is using rabbitMQ a good practice? Isn't the ability to go back in the
   queue as in Kafka important to fail scenarios?

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