[rabbitmq-discuss] Why consumer become slow if publish faster?

椰风 1006798382 at qq.com
Fri Feb 7 13:04:53 GMT 2014

I've made a matrix about publish and consum cases.

publish               consum                 backlog message
<=2000/s           2000/s                       No
<=4000/s           1200/s                       1,500,000(approximately)
=0/s(finished)      4000/s                       0(take about 10 minutes)

Why the speed of the consumer reduced to 1200/s when speed of the publish grown to 4000/s?
In my opinion , the consumer speed shoud not affected by publish or should not reduced in the whole period.

The consumer set the no_ack to true.

The diagram of the monitor is in attachment.
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