[rabbitmq-discuss] How can I Use RabbitMQ between two application while I can't change one of them?

Mahitab Farid engmoh58 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 6 09:02:36 GMT 2014


I have an existing system consisting of two nodes, a client/server model.
I want to exchange messages between them using RabbitMQ. I.e. The client
would send all its requests to RabbitMQ and the server would listen to the
queue indefinitely, consume any messages that arrives and then act upon it.

I can change the server as needed, but my problem is, I cannot change the
client's behavior. How can I send back the response to the client?

The client node understands HTTP request/response, what shall I do after
configure the other application server to RabbitMQ instead of my app


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