[rabbitmq-discuss] bad_header,"GET /\r\n\r"

Patrick Long pat at munkiisoft.com
Thu Feb 6 14:58:21 GMT 2014

The main change I made recently was rather than doing a


I would do

channel.Close(200, "RabbitMQ.QueueProvider No Messages on queue");

I was trying to add more info to the reasons for closing connections

I am guessing that that is just something I should not be doing. Correct?
Would that be causing the error?

On 6 February 2014 14:41, Patrick Long <pat at munkiisoft.com> wrote:

> As of yesterday I am seeing this error in the RabbitMQ logs
> *{bad_header,<<"GET /\r\n\r">>}*
> I have seen a common bad_header issue reported by others but that has very
> different content in the error message.
> Does anyone know what might be causing this one?
> Thanks
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> Patrick Long - Munkiisoft Ltd

Patrick Long - Munkiisoft Ltd
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