[rabbitmq-discuss] Make sure all messages of the same "timestep" have been sent before closing the program?

Torben torbenx at gmx.de
Wed Feb 5 12:37:33 GMT 2014

Hi all!

I have a tool which sends a lot of messages to RabbitMQ. Those messages 
have a "timestep". The timestep is increased by 1 when the tool is doing 
its calculations again. For each timestep I get a few hundred result 
messages. I want to make sure, that if I exit the program ALL the messages 
of the last timestep calculated have been sent. It would be bad if results 
of the last timestep would be missing from the queue. How can I accomplish 
that? My first idea was bulk sending, but RabbitMQ doesn't seem to support 
this. Is there a way I can use transactions? Like opening the transaction, 
sending all the messages, then commiting the transaction?
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