[rabbitmq-discuss] Publishing Performance

Michael Klishin mklishin at gopivotal.com
Tue Feb 4 07:30:10 GMT 2014

On 4 Feb 2014, at 11:24, Umutcan <umutcan at gamegos.com> wrote:

> Does publishing get slower while number of the queued messages are increasing?
> While I am doing an operation, publishing speed get slower in time. Operation publishes a certain amount of messages to RMQ and then  a consumer processes messages. Since publishing speed is higher than consuming speed, messages waits for a while in the queue. I am not running operation again until queue is empty.

If consumers do not keep up with publishers, eventually RabbitMQ will throttle publishers
until consumers drain enough messages to eliminate RAM and disk space pressure.

See http://rabbitmq.com/memory.html.

OS swapping can also take place, which affects performance severely.

Otherwise there is little connection between publisher throughput and how many
messages there are in the queues.


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