[rabbitmq-discuss] How to monitor RabbitMQ queues

Srinath Sridharan -X (srinatsr - ZENSAR TECHNOLOGIES INC at Cisco) srinatsr at cisco.com
Thu Apr 24 20:16:14 BST 2014

1. Utilize RabbitMQ/Plugin APIs to obtain queuing data/activities
2. Gather the status for RabbitMQ nodes and queues
3. Create a monitor queue for tracking all activities

I need to achieve the above things?

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It sounds like you want to monitor not just the queues but your connections and what the connections are bound to?  If you look at the API it might give you some of this:

I've got monitoring with Zabbix right now:
And though I don't have message rights, I do track how many consumers are on each queue and other information.


On Thu, Apr 24, 2014 at 1:44 PM, Srinath Sridharan -X (srinatsr - ZENSAR TECHNOLOGIES INC at Cisco) <srinatsr at cisco.com<mailto:srinatsr at cisco.com>> wrote:

I need to monitor the rabbitmq queues, to know what messages are coming in and who is consuming the messages.

Basically I need to monitor the queues and it’s status.

We have implemented RabbitMQ in Java.

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