[rabbitmq-discuss] Announcing the community plugin repository

Simon MacMullen simon at rabbitmq.com
Thu Apr 10 14:20:36 BST 2014

Hi all.

There are quite a few interesting plugins for RabbitMQ which don't ship 
with the broker. The trouble is that it's been hard to find these 
plugins, and it's often been hard to install them too. So today I'd like 
to present this:


It's a directory of some interesting plugins that are available, with a 
consistent way to find binary (and source) downloads. The idea is that 
we'll build all the plugins when a new release make it necessary, and 
when a plugin author asks us to :)

We're only going to add plugins with the author's permission. So 
currently the only plugins there are ones that were written by RabbitMQ 
team members.

So if you've written a plugin and would like us to add it to the 
repository, please get in touch!

Cheers, Simon

Simon MacMullen
RabbitMQ, Pivotal

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