[rabbitmq-discuss] Apache/PHP_mod and keeping connection alive

Jonathan Bouzekri jonathan.bouzekri at gmail.com
Sat Apr 5 16:40:00 BST 2014


I bought the Rabbit In Action book. The authors said that you should not 
open a connection to Rabbit every single time you want to send a message. 
It seems logic when you know the channel mecanism however in a HTTP context 
with a server web, I don't see how you can do it. Especially in an 
Apache/PHP mod context. You can't share a connection between requests in 
PHP because each request has its own process and scope and don't share 
anything (or I don't know of any method to do it).

So suppose you must send a message through Rabbit each time a user make a 
GET request to your server, you will open a connection, create an exchange 
(maybe a queue too), send a message, close the connection. It will be time 
consumming and maybe overload rabbit. Is there another solution ? I am 
thinking about queueing my message in a simple SQL table (because I already 
open the connection to the server at each request) and process each line 
with a batch which will send the message to Rabbit but It seems like 
building another queue mecanism from scratch ....

Thanks in advance for your suggestion.

Best regards
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