[rabbitmq-discuss] Hard Down

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Wed Oct 30 18:51:24 GMT 2013

Hi Kale,

On 30/10/13 17:56, Ganann, Kale wrote:
> Yes, we had cleared the disk issue - the issue appears to be with one
> of our older tools (designed on 3.1.2) for creating vHosts, Exchanges
> and Queues automagically - something in the tool goes funky when
> anything new is created on the 3.2 cluster, or rather, created and
> then deleted.  Anything it created prior to 3.2 is fine.  We're
> investigating... thanks for your help!

This entry from the 3.2.0 changelog could have relevance:

25716 allow missing exchanges & queues to be deleted and unbound without
generating an AMQP error

If the tool worked fine on earlier versions then it will probably need
to be updated.


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