[rabbitmq-discuss] Imprecision of the graphs on Overview

Matthias Radestock matthias at rabbitmq.com
Tue Oct 29 21:08:57 GMT 2013

On 29/10/13 20:50, François Beausoleil wrote:
> http://i.imgur.com/JgeRhz2.jpg
> I'm looking at the overview tab, and I don't understand: according to
> the overview, I'm ack'ing more messages (per second) than I'm
> publishing, but the total number of messages goes UP, not down...
> Can anybody shed some light?

I'd guess your messages get routed to more than one queue.

Look at the ingress/egress rates on individual exchanges and queues to 
confirm that theory.

> Is that fixed in 3.1.5 / 3.2.0?

Nothing is broken.


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