[rabbitmq-discuss] Configuring Auth LDAP Backend using LDAP+SSL/TLS

Carl Corliss rabbitt at gmail.com
Wed Oct 23 19:20:37 BST 2013


  I've been using RabbitMQ for a while now though this is my first
time attempting to use the LDAP authentication backend plugin. I have
a requirement to use SSL/TLS for LDAP connections (openldap ssf:
simple_bind=128 update_ssf=128), so either LDAPS:// or
LDAP://+starttls. However, from what I can tell, the plugin isn't
talking to LDAP using SSL/TLS so ldap based logins are failing.

Based on the documentation, which I could very well be
misinterpreting, I setup the use_ssl option using ssl_options as a
guide, however that doesn't appear to be working.

You can see my settings, and log output here:


Any suggestions/help/criticism is greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!,

Carl P. Corliss

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