[rabbitmq-discuss] Rabbit exchange to exchange implementation

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Fri Oct 18 12:14:22 BST 2013

Hello and good day ,
I am using rabbitmq for an application , I have an exchange to exchange binding like this 
Clientapp1 connects to rabbitmq server creates a fanout exchange and binds it to an exchange ( post exchange that is always on the server ) this is more like an exchange to exchange binding so another consumer can always try to read from a central exchange instead of binding to all the exchanges he subscribed to , I have two questions based on this implementation 
1)since the central exchange(post exchange) is a topic exchange on the server with multiple clientapps binding their exchange to it  , how do I route the messages effectively to consumers that have queues bound to the post exchange based on their binding keys
2)if consumer3  was not alive when the message was sent to post exchange , how does the app fetch all the sent messages once he connects to the server .
Please any extra tips on this design approach is welcomed , thanks .

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