[rabbitmq-discuss] if stop RabbitMq Server Service, the Server try to create 'queues' folder ?

Ceri Storey ceri at lshift.net
Thu Oct 17 13:34:18 BST 2013

(17/10/13 11:24), Tim Watson wrote:
> On 17 Oct 2013, at 10:58, 3k4b251 wrote:
>> Thank  you !    I  think  it's  a  good  idea, but I still  confuse  about
>> the druable queues.  Must  Mq Server  create   floders  for  every  druable
>> queue  in  'queues' ?   
> Is the creation of folders in the internal database causing you a problem? 

I'd infer that he's maybe referring to the fact that traditionally,
having lots of entires in a single directory will cause accesses to
items in that directory to perform very poorly (even to the point of
causing significant performance problems for the machine overall). If
you fancy seeing this in practice, try creating ~10,000,000-100,000,000
entries in a directory on ext4 (ideally on a sacraficial machine).

The usual solution (usually found in mail transport agents like Exim/
Postfix) to this is to use "hashed" directories, where instead of having
directories named as follows:


You have:


So that the scan of each directory encounters far fewer items, making
the performance more logarithmic than linear.

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